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Shopping Carts

Shopping Cart

Business Domination Inc also offers an optional shopping cart feature, making it quicker and easier for your customers to purchase goods and services. A shopping cart feature acts as a storefront for your website. Customers can browse through products, adding or removing them to an online cart. Once they are ready, they go through a simple check out procedure to purchase their current selections. They get an experience similar to shopping in a brick and mortar store without ever having to leave home. You get more sales, repeat business, and an automated system to take customer information for shipping or future targeted marketing campaigns.

Online shopping carts also add a visually stimulating element to your page and studies show that purchase intent goes up dramatically when customers feel like they are being presented with options. Now they can browse through multiple products, viewing thumbnail images and reading more on the ones that interest them the most. It is a much more immersive shopping experience than using plain forms or email.

Your shopping cart is a direct line between you and your customers. We don't act as middle men in any transaction. We help you set it up with your financial information and up to 24 of your products, and after that, it's all yours. We can teach you how to add or edit products, or you can call our customer service and we’ll handle it for you.