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Blogs and Press Releases

An optimized website will get your business noticed and an online shopping cart will make it easy for customers to give you money, but the best way to build your business month over month is by adding a blog or using press releases. By constantly adding new content, search engines will have even more keyterms to work with. Online Site Exposure can help you become the top dog in your industry by creating blog posts or press releases that provide your business with the exposure it needs to really take off.

Whether you want to connect with your customers on a more personal level through a blog, or if you would rather reach out as a company through professionally written press releases, Online Site Exposure will take your information and hand craft it in the preferred format. The Internet has forever changed the way we interact with companies. Marketing and advertising have had to change to keep up with the new normal. Our content department is staffed with well-trained individuals who will produce high-quality materials that will help you stay ahead of the competition, all the while staying on the cutting-edge of technology.

We also offer social media marketing, including Twitter and Facebook Business Page setups and assistance.

Recent Blog Posts!

Snapchat Conversion Tracking

Here at Business Domination, we understand the challenges that you face when it comes to promoting your business. Snapchat remains a popular tool, and we will do our part to help you get the most from it. Snap Pixel enables brands to tie their site traffic to the in-app ads, While initially, this can only be used to measure the conversions, in time, brands will be able to use it so that they may build larger audiences, attaining similar customers over the course of time with the knowledge that this brings their way. This is a fantastic way of tracking everything, and it means that you can have a more streamlined experience when it comes down to things, much to your relief.

Using Snap Pixel

Snap Pixel lets companies track how their Snapchat ads have impacted the web traffic coming to their sites. While this remains in a testing phase, it has shown great promise, and has the potential to be one of the most useful tools and tracking resources of its kind. This means tracking conversions for the vertical video Snap ads, and through the introduction of these tools, Snapchat hopes to better compete for the budgets of brands; Facebook Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter have already done similar things and guided entrepreneurs and business owners. Currently available conversion events are purchase, save, start checkout, add to cart, view content, add billing, sign up, search, and page view.

We at Business Domination understand the challenges that you face, and want you to have success with your clientele. Utilizing Snapchat and Snap Pixel in your business endeavors can give you a definite advantage, and we will do our part to make sure you can make the most of it all. Call today; we are happy to begin guiding you.

Hashtag Trends

We at Business Domination know that hashtags are already likely part of your marketing endeavor. One of Twitter’s most useful features is that you can view recurring trend data. This means checking out stats and being able to use the hashtags to enhance your brand presence. You want to create campaigns that will spark conversation and increase the engagement levels that you have. Find out which hashtags will be most relevant to your audience; you can even us the analytic tools to get an idea of what will work best. You can utilize the recurring weekly hashtags as well, which have already proven useful to those that seek out something better.

The Most Useful Recurring Trends

What are these weekly trend hashtags, and what could they mean to you? First and foremost, Motivation Monday. This gives your followers something inspirational to start their week with. As such a situation is relevant to everyone, this is a fantastic way to get engagement. Travel Tuesday is another; it is a fantastic way for those that love travel to share tips or exciting places to visit. This was primarily talked about by those age 18-34, making it something diverse and useful. Another is WCW, or Woman Crush Wednesday, commonly used by the 18-24 age bracket. This is a fantastic way for people to share their female role models, which can appeal to many people. And, of course, there is Throwback Thursday, which lets people share thoughts and photos that go back in time. It is the ideal way to express nostalgia.

Let us at Business Domination be the ones to guide you in the right direction for marketing and promotional efforts involving hashtags. These are fantastic ways to boost engagement with your readers, so do not hesitate to come on board and find out more about what advice we can give you.

Paid Search vs. Organic Traffic

Any sale department, at any company, will falter without leads. Because organic leads don’t start happening until your webpage has been successfully running for some time, traffic generated to paid ads is used to jump start things and increase exposure. Which of these will generate the most qualified leads will be based on several variables – frequently specific to your business and strategy, however, you can make both organic and paid leads work for your company. Check out the tips from Business Domination below.

Pay-Per-Click or Let it Build

PPC, or pay-per-click, is traffic which is generated from ads in the Google or Bing results pages or on social media. The most frequently used platform for PPC is Google AdWords. You can also generate them on Bing, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Google AdWords and other PPC podiums can be expensive if you don’t understand how to leverage them. If the wrong keywords are being bid on, or if you’re spending too much on each click, wasting money becomes more likely. Organic traffic is just that, it comes to you naturally, through your content placement on Google and Bing, your offline marketing efforts including word of mouth, broadcast advertising, business cards, flyers, conferences, etc. Here, you’re not paying each time someone clicks on an ad. This can increase your profit margin. However, as with PPC, the content your users land on is important. If they don’t see what they’re searching for, or it’s not enough to spark interest, you won’t generate leads. To increase your likelihood for obtaining highly qualified leads, with organic or PPC, present customer information will be the place to begin. Your CRM hold all kinds of info about who your present customers are. Study your best customers and determine what features they share. Then, work on personalizing your content to match that. Ultimately, you want every approach you take to increase qualified leads, increasing your likelihood of conversion. When leads aren’t worthwhile, your marketing ROI goes down, wasting your sales team’s time on leads which will never convert, and leaving those that could out in the dust.

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