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Blogs and Press Releases

An optimized website will get your business noticed and an online shopping cart will make it easy for customers to give you money, but the best way to build your business month over month is by adding a blog or using press releases. By constantly adding new content, search engines will have even more keyterms to work with. Online Site Exposure can help you become the top dog in your industry by creating blog posts or press releases that provide your business with the exposure it needs to really take off.

Whether you want to connect with your customers on a more personal level through a blog, or if you would rather reach out as a company through professionally written press releases, Online Site Exposure will take your information and hand craft it in the preferred format. The Internet has forever changed the way we interact with companies. Marketing and advertising have had to change to keep up with the new normal. Our content department is staffed with well-trained individuals who will produce high-quality materials that will help you stay ahead of the competition, all the while staying on the cutting-edge of technology.

We also offer social media marketing, including Twitter and Facebook Business Page setups and assistance.

Recent Blog Posts!

Prove Your Worth: Testimonials Serve Multiple Purposes

Getting new clients is always an uphill battle. We know this very well at Business Domination. Make it easier for your future clients to choose you over your competitors by posting testimonials from previous happy clients about your services and products directly on your website. Recommendations let potential clients know what benefits to expect. They increase the perceived reliability. At Business Domination, we know how important it is knowing that our current and previous clients believe in our services. While endorsements from high profile figures can boost the impact of your company in the short term, you’ll find that publishing feedback from everyday users will go a long way towards confirming social worth.

But Why Testimonials?

The savviest consumers rely on recommendations not only from friends, but from secure, verified reviews and endorsements from complete strangers from all over the world. 79% of website visitors say they trust online reviews as much as they would a verbal recommendation. They’re a valuable form of social proof that gives your claims validity. You would be unwise not to use them. It’s true that online reviews are different from testimonials, but the principle is essentially the same. You want someone else’s words of trust that represent your company most appealingly to another party whom you want to engage your services.

How Many Do I Need?

The accumulation of testimonials can be an intimidating task. You and your team are probably asking yourselves, how many do we need, whom should we ask, and so on. You’d be surprised to hear that six or fewer testimonials are needed to gain the trust of a client or customer that has never used your services before. You should ask for testimonials that sound natural. Manipulative, and overly polished ones will quickly show bad form to your potential clients. That’s not to say that we encourage you to post only negative ones, but a good balance will serve you in the long run.

They Won’t Buy

At Business Domination, we know you are using the Internet to promote your business and products or services, but you may be surprised to find less people buying them than you would expect. Selling directly to your clientele in the fast-paced modern world is not easy. Did you know that selling to people on a subconscious level could help you to achieve your goals more directly? When you come to us, we will show you the missing elements that could help you to fulfill your goals here, achieving higher rates of sale, and the results you desire for the future as an entrepreneur.

The Missing Elements

The first of these elements you will need to appeal to your clientele is social proof. Rather than showing people that they should trust you, show them that others already do. By seeing that other people love and appreciate what you are offering, people will be more likely to come to you and take advantage of what you are offering. Likewise, you should ask customers for a testimonial that speaks favorably of what you can do; this can work especially well if you have a celebrity client. You can also show the logos of business that may be clients benefiting from your services; this helps to build trust as well since customers will see something that they are familiar with.

Let the team at Business Domination get you what you are looking for in terms of the elements that will have people buying from you. Once you are on top of things here, there is no limit to what you can accomplish. Call us today, and we can begin setting the process into motion for you.

Twitter Word Count

At Business Domination, we are always following the latest Internet trends and changes, including what happens on Twitter. A double character count was introduced in September, boosting the maximum amount of characters up to 280, although only 5% of posts have exceeded the original 140-character count. This policy was quickly adopted as, obviously, it did not make much of an impact or difference. People are still able to read tweets without feeling like they are reading a novel, much to their relief. But, how has this impacted the site and the social network on a larger scale, and is there anything you need to know?

A Look at the Impact

New users are not turned off by this news, since things have not changed substantially enough. Under the old limit, only 9% of English language posts reached the max word count, whereas in the new limit, that number has dropped to a mere 1%. Naturally, as someone trying to promote yourself and your business, you will still want to have content that is simple and to the point, as many other people have put out over the years. However, the boosted word count does give you some leeway if something is going a little longer than you expect. We can guide you and show you the pathway to better things.

Discover Business Domination and the ways that we can help you here. Twitter remains something useful to business leaders, and you can be the next one to take advantage. Learn more about it all today; more and more people are coming this way to learn about the resources and what can change. Call now and get the info you require.